March Winds

_-----W elcome to blustery, windy March! Living in the Chicago area we are all well aware of why Chicago is called the “Windy City.” Sometimes the gentle, cool spring breezes actually become the gusty, chilling and strong winds that find us trying to keep ourselves upright and intact when we endeavor to encounter their embrace. The phrase “hold on to your hat” takes on new meaning in these windy areas. We know how the wind can wreak havoc on our freshly coifed hair-do!

    Even though we cannot see the wind, we do see or feel the effects of it and often observe the trail it leaves behind. The wind can also be heard, and that sound can be a gentle swishing or a thunderous roar.

    A spiritual comparison can be made to the winds in the scriptures. We often refer to the sound of the rushing, mighty wind on the day of Pentecost. What great effects that took place from that powerful wind. The spirit came as a wind and filled all the house where they were sitting, and we still today can experience the powerful winds of Pentecost.

    In the book of Genesis we see where God used the wind to dry the earth after the devastating flood. In Exodus He used the wind to usher in one of the horrifying plagues upon the Egyptians. In Ezekiel the wind brought new life to the listless dry bones. Often wind and spirit are used interchangeably in the Bible. In the book of Job we read of the cleansing wind.

    Perhaps you are in need of that spiritual wind of cooling, cleansing, or comforting your soul. Refreshing, renewal and survival can be found in the winds of the spirit. By allowing those winds to sweep over your soul, you can be renewed and uplifted and made complete in Him. Enjoy the wind!



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