My Mistake

The following article was written by Donna Myre. Donna is married to Bob Myre who pastors in Paris, Texas. She is also the Ladies Ministries’ President in Texas.


_-----T he week before Mother’s Day, I carefully planted colorful miniature zinnias in one of my flower beds by the garage. The next two weeks their beauty brought me much pleasure.

     Then following a three day trip, I returned home to discover that, in my absence, slugs had been enjoying a feast on my new flowers! When I saw the holes in the tender leaves and petals, I became very angry. As dark was approaching that evening, I decided to water my plants and lo, the slugs had come out of hiding for yet another party! Looking back now, I realize I should have gotten a grip on my anger at the slugs and waited until morning to act. My zinnias could have survived one more night of being gnawed upon and come morning, I could have purchased small pellets of slug poison for the flower bed. However, when I saw the destructive pests heading toward my zinnias, I could not resist taking action. I ran into the house, got the salt box from the cabinet, and with joy proceeded to drench the slugs with salt. I derived much satisfaction from watching them twist, curl up, and partially melt.

     Well, not only did I take care of the slugs, but apparently the flowers did not take too well to the salt either, for by morning they also started to die. Then I became aggravated at myself for getting out of control; my abrupt thoughtlessness not only eliminated the slugs that I hated, but also killed the flowers that I cared about.

     Since that incident, I have thought a lot about how harmful thoughtless actions can be in other areas of life. If problems are not handled gently with love, compassion, and understanding, many tender innocent lives can be severely damaged. Hasty hard words or acid actions can be deadly not only to the one to which they are directed, but also those in close proximity.

     God please help my daily conduct and the words of my mouth to always be acceptable in your sight.



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