New Beginnings

_-----January is the month of new beginnings. For all of us it represents a clean slate and perhaps a time for a new start or the fulfillment of a New Year’s resolution that has been made. I have always loved to turn the page of a calendar for a new month and especially for a new year. For myself it just seems so refreshing to have that new page with nothing written on it that allows me to start all over again with scheduling and plan making. Sometimes the calendar is so full that it seems there is no room for anything more. Now we all have a new year to consider, and I’m sure that many of you have already made plans for the months ahead.

____I am reminded of the time when I was a young girl in elementary school. As the school day progressed, the blackboard would become more and more filled with math equations, spelling words, instructions, etc. It became quite messy with all the erasures and rewriting. And yet the next morning when we returned to school, there was a clean slate. It looked brand new, and the teacher could start all over again to fill it with whatever she chose.

____The Scripture states, “If any man be in Christ, behold, all things are become new.” If you’ve been struggling with haunting things of the past, why not let God make it new. He is a God of forgiveness, and he is simply waiting for us to ask for His help. So often we have not because we ask not.

____Lets start this New Year as a new beginning in spiritual matters. The things that you have neglected in the past year can now be taken into new consideration. You have a clean slate! Consider it a new start for your spiritual walk with God. The prayer time and Bible reading that you had so determined to make a vital part of your life last year can now be started anew. Make it a priority, and start your year with the wonderful satisfaction of pleasing Him. You will be the winner and the recipient of great blessings for your commitment!



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