Nothing Too Hard for God


By:  Karen Zenobia

The national theme for our UPCI Ladies Ministries this year is: This is My Story. I felt led to share a short testimony because I believe God gives us experiences, trials and “moments” so that we can encourage others.

Six years ago my husband and I were “stressing” a little. Our youngest son was 17 and we knew his senior year, and then college, was quickly approaching. We knew he loved the Lord. We knew he wasn’t someone who was drinking, smoking or doing drugs, but we were still worried that he wasn’t strong enough to face what was ahead without the Holy Ghost.

The UPCI Michigan Ladies Ministries retreat was coming up in July, and I knew they always pray over and anoint prayer cloths for anyone who wants to take them. When I received my prayer cloth, I knew what I wanted to do--put it under our son’s bed. I knew God could do the rest! Two weeks later we were at the NAYC in Oklahoma City. The power of God was incredible! Everyone was worshipping. (It wasn’t odd or strange for our youngest to worship. He always did, including when he was running our computer during services. He was way up in the balcony where no one would see him.) So during the NAYC service, our middle son leaned over and told me our youngest was speaking in tongues. Wow! The tears were everywhere. God heard our prayers! Such relief!

When our son left for college the next year, I put a prayer cloth under his dorm mattress and in his car. God protected him! He got involved in campus ministry and brought people to his new home church (First Church, Sterling Heights, Michigan-Pastors Harold Hoffman/Mike Neto), including a senior who was President of the Young Republicans.

His talents (guitar, drums, keys, vocal and graphics) have exploded. His genuine love of God is incredible. He is now the Creative Arts Director at First Church and has had many opportunities to lead worship and sing in several districts.

There isn’t something “magic” about prayer cloths, but the faith we have and God’s faithfulness is what we all know works! Nothing is too hard for the Lord!

Jeremiah 32:17 (ESV) ‘Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you.


Karen has been married to Frank Zenobia III for 35 years. She is mom to three sons (Evan, Blake and Colin) and two sweet daughters-in-law (Sarah and Taylor). She and her husband have been involved in ministry for 34 years, including the pastorate in Muskegon, Michigan.

Karen has been a Music Minister for over 30 years, loves to organize anything she can and thinks “spray-painting” is her special talent. Florida will always be “home” but she’s lived 9 years in Jackson, Mississippi (JCM then worked in the Music Department for 6 years), 16 years in Wisconsin and almost 18 years in Michigan. Eventually she’d like to live on the beach anywhere warm. 





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