The Best China


_-----I love beautiful dishes of china, pottery, and stoneware and would probably have a vast variety of every type and pattern if my cupboards would permit. When I was just a young girl, my first set of dishes for my hope chest was a set of Melmac. That’s a high-class name for plastic! However, I was very proud of them until my parents blessed me with a lovely set of china. Through the years I have since compiled a large collection of the very old and popular pattern of Old Country Roses, and I am always adding to my ever-expanding set, along with a set of chintz china.


          When a dear lady from our assembly passed away a few years ago, she left a wonderful old set of Desert Rose dishes for me knowing that I would appreciate them as much as she did. I treasure them dearly not only for the beauty of the dishes themselves but for the precious memories they offer me of my friend. Just looking at them reminds me of the times that she offered me tea or coffee in one of the lovely cups and of the many hours we shared together.


          Oftentimes ladies tend to save their best china only for those special occasions like holidays or birthdays and find that the dishes are seldom used. I decided a long time ago that I would not do that but would use them often for just an ordinary dinner. I wanted my own family to feel that they were special enough to me to merit using my very best dishes. It is true that these special dishes are more fragile and must be handled with care; however, even though the dish may break, they can be replaced. Your family cannot be replaced. My little granddaughter even has her very own tiny Old Country Roses teacup. If she breaks it, we’ll just look for another. She knows that she is special to Nana, and we love to sit together with our matching teacups to share a cup of tea. That is one of the treasured memories that will never be forgotten.


          Psalm 127:3 tells us that “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” A heritage is something precious and dear to be treasured and cherished. Time is short and swiftly passing by, so bring out the best china and enjoy!



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